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13 crescent

My name is Marianne Quirk and I am an Artist in the Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York areas.  

Film and Photography were my main focus for years, so much that it's what I received my Bachelors Degree in. However, little did I know they were gateways that led me to find Graphic Design and other artistc outlets that I continue to persue, today. 

I've been a Designer since I graduated in 2005, freelancing for a diverse range of clients, as well as being apart of various companies. From them, 13 Crescent  was created as a homebase that would hold all work I've been apart of over the past years and work that's still to come. 


I have always found myself gravitating towards print. My first jobs as a designer involved magazine article and ad layouts, creating visual printed presentations, signs, posters and illustrations.

Being led down an interesting path in the past few years, I found myself branching out to designing packaging and at times the product that would go with it. I'd help create the identity with someone or a group of someones, collaborating in their branding. No matter what the job was, I would welcome the challenge of trying to find something fresh and new to give each client.


Though, a newer endeavor professionally in my most recent position, I am no stranger to the process of creating the overall visual design of a project. Product videos becoming my main focus in my current role, I've been tasked to find a way to get our product to the consumers while staying true to our message.


My work ethic is pretty simple - I believe in communication and respect between the artist and client is the most important. Whether the other half has the same knowledge you hold, or not, the relationship between you and them is what creates. 

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